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Discover Dorset’s only SUP and kayak delivery service

We own the latest models of the best stand-up paddleboards and kayaks to provide you with the greatest service, safety, security and equipment. Designed to keep everyone out of the water.

Paddle your worries behind to enjoy a day of peace and tranquillity on the ocean. Explore hidden coves and secluded beaches that you never knew existed. Leave the transport and storage issues to us.

  • Want to polish up your paddle boarding skills?
  • Ready to skim overseas on a kayak?
  • Keen to snorkel and connect with aquatic nature?
  • Need to increase your fitness?

Paddle your worries behind 

Paddle your worries behind 

Paddle your worries behind 

Paddle your worries behind 

Paddle your worries behind 


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Delivery Service

Wavemonkey is the Dorset’s first mobile SUP business to offer a delivery and collection service. Hire a stand-up paddle board or rent a kayak with all the gear and we’ll deliver direct to your door.

Beach Hire

If you’re looking to find a Dorset stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking beach experience, where better to explore than the pristine Jurassic coastline?

SUP and Kayak Hire

Dedicated to sustainability, Wavemonkey respect and recognise the planet we play on. Each of our paddle boards and kayaks are made locally by Sandbanks Style SUP in Dorset and Bluewave kayaks in Devon. 


Built with a multi-layer fusion construction and an extra-wide base skimming 34”, our generous sized paddle boards establish maximum stability and buoyancy. Advanced board shaping further enhances performance, so even beginners and heavier riders can whisper across waters. 


Take a padded seat in our comfortable, well balanced and super stable kayaks. Shorter in length than other brands, our smart designs sit higher in the water and are ideal for first-timers. Complete with watertight storage and fishing rod holders, you’ll have all you need to enjoy oceanic living.


Drift gently through Dorset’s clear blue waters, home to rare seagrass meadows, shy short-nosed seahorses and tiny fish.

We’re ready to deliver.  You’re just a short click away.


    Shielded from winds and waves for idyllic paddle conditions, the Jurassic Coast has undoubtedly some of the most picturesque beaches in Dorset. It’s all smooth sailing from here.

    Wavemonkey paddleboards and kayaks are available for beach hire or delivery direct to your door. Paddle boarding and kayaking  made easy.

    Opening hours: 7am – 6pm

    T: 07821 362405

    E: hello@wavemonkey.co.uk